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What We Do – Helpline


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The R&RA’s highly praised telephone helpline offers information, comfort and support to callers on care issues affecting older people. People who find themselves having to deal with such things for the first time, perhaps arranging to help their loved one move into residential care or raising concerns about the care they are already receiving, can often find the realities of the present-day “system” a shock: how little public provision there now is, and how hard it is for those fending for themselves to find reliable help or guidance.

Sympathetic, expert, totally impartial, and free, our helpline service is there to give you the one-to-one advice needed to support you through what can be a steep and unpleasant learning curve.

Our helpline staff are here to empower callers with the information they need to resolve their issues. Where this is not possible, or a greater level of support is required, we offer a more in-depth service which may include making calls or writing on a caller’s behalf.

Our helpline is open Monday to Friday 9.30am – 1.00pm.  Contact the Helpline 

Alternatively you are welcome to use our (equally confidential) online contact form, our web-chat facility (accessible from any page of our website) or to email us at, at any time if you prefer – and one of our expert advisers will be back in touch with you as soon as they can.

On to: Policy Initiatives: Resources: Projects & Collaboration


If you approve of what we do or have yourself been helped by the R&RA please consider making a donation or becoming an R&RA member to help us continue this vital work. Thank you!

We have no endowments or guaranteed funding so rely on the loyalty of our members and the support of our generous donors to continue our work.