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What We Do – Policy Initiatives

A voice worth listening to

After a quarter of a century of working to support older people needing care, the R&RA is a leading and respected voice in this field. Our in-depth knowledge, with the many more years of professional experience in care and regulation represented among our trustee body, staff and volunteers, gives us a unique authority to stand up and speak out effectively for the changes still needed to improve care.

Demand for care services is growing as the population continues to age and the effect of financial cuts to services persists. The care sector was already at ‘tipping point’, but following the unremitting challenges of the coronavirus pandemic it is now in crisis.

To ensure safe, high quality care which respects the rights of older people, it is essential that additional resources are invested to build the sustainable care workforce needed for the future. That workforce needs to be sufficient in both numbers and skill mix to ensure older people have a good quality of life. We will hold the Government to its commitment to ‘reform social care so that the system provides older people with dignity and security’. We want to help ensure that care is valued as highly as the NHS.

To help achieve this we will:

  • push for resources and staff levels in care services which meet the needs of older people and are sustainable
  • promote the importance to society of good quality care services and those who deliver them
  • raise awareness of the need for improved standards of training and mandatory qualifications for care staff
  • help raise the profile and standing of care for older people

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