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Older people who need care should have a positive experience and enjoy a good quality of life. We want to help improve care standards and ensure older people’s rights are respected. We seek to work with as wide a range of people and organisations as possible to help achieve this, including care homes and providers, the regulator, other organisations, and older people and those who support them.

We believe that working positively with care providers is an important way we can encourage the care sector to attain the best standards. That way our influence can be key to ensuring that, in their attitudes as well as their methods, care workers strive always for excellence; so both residents and providers benefit. In support of this we encourage their participation in the R&RA as members and have successfully developed our range of training materials aimed at care providers and their staff.

In addition, we are keen to increase our corporate membership, both to encourage a wider commitment to best practice and to help provide the funds to allow our activities to continue.

Everything we do is for the sole purpose of advancing our charitable aims and values. That means all joint working or other arrangements with outside bodies are on

We will always pursue the interests of residents

condition that they are not allowed to affect the independent status of the R&RA in any way. Corporate members are not entitled to vote at meetings of the R&RA and we are not to be taken as endorsing or supporting any individual care home or provider organisation. We will always pursue the interests of individual residents on any care issue raised with us and it makes no difference to this whether any care home or provider is or has any connection with a corporate member or donor to the R&RA.

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If you approve of what we do and are able to contribute to the funding of the R&RA please consider making a donation or becoming an R&RA member to help us continue this vital work. Thank you!

We have no endowments or guaranteed funding so rely on the loyalty of our members and the support of our generous donors to continue our work.

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