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Emotional reunion of life-long partnership

This week I had my first proper visit with my wife, Joan, since March. We celebrated our 63rd wedding anniversary in her care home the day before the first lockdown and since then we’ve only had window visits. These months have been the worst of my life. I used to weep driving away from those visits.

But now I have been tested and we had our first proper visit, being able to hug, kiss and hold hands.

Brendan and Joan

I felt a mix of emotions. I was excited, joyful, and tearful but also felt sorrow. I think I blamed myself a little for keeping us apart so long.

I could see the surprise on Joan’s face as she had no idea I was coming. We wanted to see how the test went first.

Joan was lovely. She was happy to hear I am able to come back and visit regularly. I’m very happy and looking forward to a normal future.

Many thanks to the Relatives & Residents Association for keeping me sane with their support, and to the BBC who have followed our story and been so good to me.

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