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Election manifestos – Caring enough about care?

1 June 2017: Much has been heard about the policies on paying for care from the different political Parties.

This is a subject which worries and perplexes us all. However, another topic which deserves equal consideration is the quality of care available.  Yet despite warm words about older people and their care, this is an area of concern which is rarely mentioned.

It is referred to in three of the five manifestos we have read: Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems, only the Lib Dems mention the importance of training care workers to improve both quality of care and the status of care workers but do not go into any detail.

…the quality of care delivered both at home and in care homes is the single most important issue

The R&RA knows from its Helpline that the quality of the care delivered both at home and in care homes is the single most important issue for those receiving care and their family and friends.  Despite excellent care by devoted staff in many homes, our callers are regularly dismayed by witnessing casual and neglectful care, often as a result of poor supervision and training and too few staff on duty.

There is a widespread and misleading assumption that ‘social care’ consists of simple and straightforward tasks.  However, the complexity of the illnesses and degenerative conditions now affecting those needing care, is regularly undervalued and misunderstood by many policy-makers.   Sadly, until work with older people at the end of their lives is valued in the same way as the work of other caring professionals and mandatory training of care workers is firmly on the agenda of political parties, little will change.



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