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Fire safety in care homes – more questions to answer

16 June 2017: The unbearable tragedy in North Kensington has inevitably brought with it reminders of the Rosepark care home fire in Scotland.  Due to negligence in fire safety management, 14 elderly dependent residents needlessly lost their lives in 2004.

As a result of the subsequent inquiry, both the Scottish and Welsh devolved administrations now demand that all new and refurbished care homes must have sprinkler systems installed.

England has behaved as if the Rosepark care home was located in Papua New Guinea..

While Scotland has clearly responded well to the Rosepark fire by requiring that all new care homes are provided with sprinkler systems, England has behaved as if the Rosepark care home was located in Papua New Guinea and the fire there had no relevance to the safety of some of the most vulnerable people in the country”… Dave Sibert, IRMP advisor, Fire Brigades’ Union September 2016 SHP online (Safety & Health Practitioner)

He went on to state that: “There has been piecemeal implementation of some measures, but there was no coherent common response by Government, fire and rescue services or the wider fire sector”

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