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From our postbag – letter from a member

“I am writing to let you know that I have just lost my job as an Expert by Experience (EbyE). I have been going into care homes in support of CQC inspectors for nearly seven years as an ‘expert’ and sadly, my employer, AgeUK, has on retendering, lost the contract with the CQC in the North, South and in London. The company which has now taken over the contract is Remploy (now owned by Maximus – a US company with a questionable history). Due to doubts I have over Remploy’s ability to deliver an adequate service, combined with their apparent intent to only pay the experts half the salary that AgeUK had paid, I am pulling out, as it appears are many other experts.

This anticipated mass exodus of experts may mean that in the future, many care home residents will not have the benefit of such an in-depth inspection as had become the norm, simply due to the absence of so many highly qualified and knowledgeable Experts by Experience”.

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“I cannot wait to hear your speaker on oral hygiene, as one of my pet questions when I went into care homes was ‘Do you ever see a dentist?‘ The answer for those with no relatives to help them was almost always ‘No‘.

So, I was incredibly excited to see that you had a speaker coming to tell us what the situation is. When inspecting care homes, the ‘dentist’ question was not at the top of the list of pre prepared questions that CQC preferred us to ask. It would have come under the question ‘Which healthcare professionals come into the care home’. I never heard anyone say ‘a dentist’. Personally, I was always so concerned that those residents who couldn’t speak and appeared to be always crying, were possibly in pain with toothache or similar”.

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