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Q. My gran seems to have stopped eating and looks very worried and anxious when I visit. She also seems unhappy with some of the staff. What can I do, who should I speak to about it?

A. Try to make an appointment to speak to the manager as soon as possible to discuss your worries. If you are still worried, come back to us and we will give you further information about next steps.


Q. Can I ask my mother’s local authority, who are funding her care, to move her to a home closer to me, as she has no family near to where she has been placed?

A. Yes, of course. Local authorities have specific guidance on this issue and should do their best to comply with requests like this.


Q. My dad has about £13K in savings, will he get support for his nursing home care costs?

A. Most likely yes. Social care is means-tested whilst healthcare is free. If his health needs are assessed as 'complex' or 'unstable' then the NHS may pay all his fees under Continuing Healthcare Funding. If this is not the case, but he requires a nursing home placement, then as he requires nursing care only the NHS will pay for the nursing portion of his care.
The remaining care he receives will be seen as 'social' care, and as such means-tested. Everyone contribute towards their own social care needs, but as he has less than £14,250 he will only be asked to contribute his pension less his Personal Expenses Allowance of £24.90 per week. If his and the NHS contribution are not enough to meet the full cost of his care, the local authority will top up.


Q. I have heard poor reports of the care home where the local authority proposes to place my mother, who has dementia. Can I object to her being placed there?

A. Yes, you should have a choice of places and families should be consulted and be involved in the prospective resident’s care plan throughout. However, perhaps you should look at the home first and see what you think about it first.


Q. My mother seems to have had a fall, she has a number of bruises on her arms, and complains that her shoulder hurts. I want her to have an X-ray but the home says it’s not necessary, that I’m making a fuss and they’d know if it was serious.

A. Of course, you have every right to ask for her to be properly examined. Please get in touch with the manager and state your concerns, if you are still worried, contact the Adult Safeguarding Dept of the local authority and explain your concerns. If you would like further information, come back to us and we will help you further.


Q. How many staff should be on duty in a care home. They always seem so busy and it’s hard to ask anybody anything. They always seem to be rushing.

A. There are no prescribed staff/resident ratios but the provider must ensure that ‘at all times there are sufficient numbers of suitably qualified, skilled and experienced persons ….’ If you think your relative is not getting enough care or attention, please raise it with a senior person in the home and then the manager, if things don’t improve. If you are still concerned, come back to us and we will try to suggest next steps.


Q. My mum and nan are my grand-dads nominated visitors, and are able to go into his care home to spend time with him. What can we do if the care home are only offering them time-limited visits?

A. You may want to point out to the homes management that potential blanket policies such as these are widely seen as being inappropriate, whilst at the same time requesting that your grandfathers visiting needs are individually assessed, as required by law, and the governments guidance. Further details are in our summary document, which can be found on our websites Covid-Hub page.

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