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COVID-19 human rights inquiry

July 2020:

R&RA has submitted evidence to Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) for their inquiry into the Government’s response to COVID-19. We expressed our concern and disappointment at the extent to which human rights have been undermined by the Government’s mismanagement of the pandemic. We told the inquiry that action was taken too late to protect those known to be most at risk, the basic tools to manage the virus were not provided for the sector (such as testing and PPE), guidance was inadequate and late, and the focus on protecting the NHS led to policies which were harmful to those receiving and delivering care.

Our evidence focused on human rights concerns across five areas:

  • the right to family life and mental well-being due to lockdown and lack of visits
  • safety and physical well-being due to inadequate resources and staff levels
  • safety and dignity due to lack of oversight of care standards
  • failures to protect the right to life and well-being of older people needing care
  • discrimination of older people needing care

Our submission drew upon issues and common themes raised via the R&RA Helpline, which has been supporting people throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am worried that standards of care are slipping even more during this crisis and mum’s human rights are being eroded. Her care home is short staffed and the care workers are burnt out.” Anonymous helpline caller

Our evidence is published on the JCHR website, and can be accessed via the link below:

Evidence to JCHR inquiry


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