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imageThe Keynotes series expands each topic covered by the Keys to Care, providing a more in-depth treatment for individual or group study and discussion. All 12 Keynotes are available for free download – just click on the title you want in the list to Read and Download. Find here the relevant regulation, research findings, examples of good practice and ideas to provoke discussion.

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We always appreciate feedback to improve the usefulness of our training and practice aids. Please email, or get in touch with any comments or suggestions, specially if based on actual experience of their use.

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Read and download:

The Care Plan
Care at Night
Continence Care
Daily Life
Eating & Drinking
End of Life Care
Family & Friends
Listening & Talking
Mouth & Teeth Care
Privacy & Choice

(Each Keynote is a 2-page PDF document and should open when you click on its title. To download, use the save command in your browser.)