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Mental capacity reforms are not fit for purpose

10 October 2018 – R&RA have teamed up with leading social care interest groups to warn the government that its mental capacity reforms are not fit for purpose.

It requires them (care home managers) to be judge and jury about decisions in which they themselves could be involved

Judy Downey, Chair of the Relatives and Residents Association said:

“It is neither fair nor appropriate to give care home managers these new responsibilities for vulnerable and often isolated people.  It requires them to be judge and jury about decisions in which they themselves could be involved. Our helpline hears too many stories of conflicts of interest within families or with care homes, which benefit from the independent professional oversight now provided by Best Interest Assessors. Care home managers are already overburdened with a range of ever-increasing responsibilities in what is a demanding and challenging role.”

Read the paper, A cross-sector representation of issues and concerns relating to the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill, here.


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