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New R&RA Website launched

1 December 2016: The R&RA launches this new edition of its website today, and we hope our members and users will like its fresh new look.

This has been specially designed for us to be clearer and easier to read: in particular in the smaller screen sizes, as so many of us now use our phones to access the internet. (Yes, the R&RA’s demographic profile may be a shade on the mature side, but most of us are fairly savvy now with the new technology, so that was an important factor.)

We have given particular attention to making the site easy to navigate, with lots of signposts to help find the topics you are after, and a new systematic colour scheme developed from the one used in the Keys to Care which has proved so popular.

The site does contain a lot of information, some of it quite dense, but we cannot be sorry for that. We know users come to the R&RA because they want our information and help on serious topics, at what can be difficult times. They need access to the relevant information in full, so the aim of the website is to show it as easily and transparently as possible, with a neat display but not too much to distract or “entertain”.

There are however lots of new facilities on the site we hope you will find attractive and useful. There is a free video you should not miss, and we hope more pictures and videos to follow before long. And (something we have been wanting for some time) you can now order any of our publications, including sets of the Keys, instantly and pay for them by card online, at prices that include the post and packing so you can see the exact cost.

Most importantly, the same facility is now available for membership and donations as well. So we particularly encourage you to try out the attractive green Donate button you will find on many pages, which will take you to the many easy ways you can go on supporting the R&RA. (It looks like this – – you could try it now!).

The planning and introduction of this bright new website would not have been possible without the generous grant support we received for it from the CSiS Charity Fund. To them, and the many people who worked to create it, we express our grateful thanks.

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