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“Social care cannot continue as a Cinderella service”

This is the forthright and unequivocal statement from the head of the National Audit Office (NAO) on the newly published report* The adult social care workforce in England.  Amyas Morse went on to emphasise that: without a valued and rewarded workforce, adult social care cannot fulfil its crucial role of supporting elderly and vulnerable people in […] Read More...

Fire safety in care homes – still questions to answer

6 February 2018: Last weekend, an elderly care home resident died as a result of a fire in a Hertfordshire care home and six others were in hospital.  After the Grenfell Tower tragedy last year, we asked why no further action had been taken in England following the recommendations made after the 14 deaths caused […] Read More...

CMA confirms R&RA’s concerns about complaints

1 December 2017: The R&RA has long expressed concern and frustration about the inadequacy of the regulator’s approach to complaints about care.  The clear imbalance of power and the fear expressed by so many in raising a complaint or even mentioning a concern over a resident’s care is continually reported to our Helpline. We are delighted […] Read More...

Half empty or half full? Adult social care 2017

Glass half empty or glass half full? Some reflections on qualifications and training amongst care workers 5 October 2017: In the latest Skills for Care ‘The state of the adult social care sector and workforce in England, 2017’ recently published, the benefits of qualifications for the care workforce are described as: ▪ quality service – […] Read More...

Reduction in frequency of inspections?

1 September 2017: R&RA is alarmed to see that CQC is again seeking to reduce the frequency of inspections to care homes rated ‘outstanding’ and ‘good’ to three and two and half years respectively.  Why are we so concerned?  At present, 1% of care homes for older people (2% of all care homes) manage to […] Read More...

More quality care needed urgently

7 July 2017: The Care Quality Commission report ,”The State of Adult Social Care Services 2014-2017“, just published, gives us further cause for serious concern. The stark headline figures revealed that almost one-third of all nursing homes and more than one-quarter of all residential care homes has been rated as ‘unsafe’ with almost the same number […] Read More...

Telling the truth – why care ratings matter

30 June 2017: Providers who don’t display their CQC rating conspicuously and legibly on their website or in their homes are committing a criminal offence. This has been a requirement of registration since April 2015 (Reg 20A of the 2014 Regulated Activities Regulations). CQC gives clear guidance about displaying ratings and even provides a ‘rating […] Read More...

Never again yet again?

20 June 2017: Last night’s ‘Dispatches’ about BUPA care homes on Channel 4 made tough viewing. Heartbreaking depictions of residents being treated without care, compassion or competence were harrowing to watch. The homes featured have had unsatisfactory CQC reports again and again. Whatever enforcement action has been undertaken has clearly failed the residents of Crawfords Walk and Perry Lock miserably. Light […] Read More...

Fire safety in care homes – more questions to answer

16 June 2017: The unbearable tragedy in North Kensington has inevitably brought with it reminders of the Rosepark care home fire in Scotland.  Due to negligence in fire safety management, 14 elderly dependent residents needlessly lost their lives in 2004. As a result of the subsequent inquiry, both the Scottish and Welsh devolved administrations now […] Read More...

Election manifestos – Caring enough about care?

1 June 2017: Much has been heard about the policies on paying for care from the different political Parties. This is a subject which worries and perplexes us all. However, another topic which deserves equal consideration is the quality of care available.  Yet despite warm words about older people and their care, this is an […] Read More...


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