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Care Home Crisis – the true scandal

20 January 2017: The real care home crisis was hidden in the Guardian’s article ‘Care home closures set to rise as funding crisis bites’.  The main concerns confronting those seeking care, typified by callers to our Helpline, are about serious deficits in care caused by poorly trained and understaffed services. Surely the headline should have […] Read More...

Contracting out must not mean opting out

9 January 2017: A recent Ombudsman report* says that local councils must ensure that providers maintain proper standards of care for their care home residents, even when the service is outsourced.   This important conclusion is the result of an Investigation into a complaint by the daughter of a care home resident who suffered appalling neglect […] Read More...

A zero-sum game? If only..(gift suggestion)

19 December 2016: “A zero sum game” is the expression used by the Head of Public Sector at Grant Thornton UK plc in a valuable letter to the press this week, on how the savage funding cuts to adult social care affect the cost of acute health services. Echoing a point already familiar to readers […] Read More...

New R&RA Website launched

1 December 2016: The R&RA launches this new edition of its website today, and we hope our members and users will like its fresh new look. This has been specially designed for us to be clearer and easier to read: in particular in the smaller screen sizes, as so many of us now use our […] Read More...

The dog that didn’t bark: social care funding hopes dashed

23rd November 2016: There was little enough cheer in the Chancellor’s autumn statement for anyone, but his failure to heed so many reasoned calls for a more realistic approach to spending on social care is specially disappointing. “stupid and self-defeating” Even on purely economic grounds, the case for better funding of the public health and […] Read More...

Adult Social Care at tipping point

12¸October 2016:  This year’s State of Care report by the CQC uses a vivid mental image for the current state of adult social care in this country, describing the present “market” in provision as fragile and the sustainability of even present levels of care as in doubt. The Report confirms the picture of care homes […] Read More...

“There is no more burning injustice in Britain today”

22 September 2016: The King’s Fund assistant director of policy Richard Humphries is not given to wild exaggeration, so when he uses these terms to describe the state of our older people being denied the care they need to live with independence and dignity, a new prime minister whose first promise was a more equal […] Read More...

What is there to “name and shame” about the sandwich generation?

1 August 2016: Having been contacted today by a major news outlet for comments on the Daily Telegraph’s piece ‘China village names and shames people who do not take proper care of their elderly ‘ , Judy Downey, R&RA Chair, responded: (Would the R&RA like to comment and do we find the same phenomenon?) Well, […] Read More...


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