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“There is no more burning injustice in Britain today”

22 September 2016: The King’s Fund assistant director of policy Richard Humphries is not given to wild exaggeration, so when he uses these terms to describe the state of our older people being denied the care they need to live with independence and dignity, a new prime minister whose first promise was a more equal […] Read More...

What is there to “name and shame” about the sandwich generation?

1 August 2016: Having been contacted today by a major news outlet for comments on the Daily Telegraph’s piece ‘China village names and shames people who do not take proper care of their elderly ‘ , Judy Downey, R&RA Chair, responded: (Would the R&RA like to comment and do we find the same phenomenon?) Well, […] Read More...

Oral Health Care – new guidelines at last

7 July 2016 AT LAST – OFFICIAL GUIDANCE FOR BETTER DENTAL CARE IN CARE HOMES NICE’s new guidelines on Oral health for adults in care homes, to which we contributed, reinforces the messages in our sell-out publication,‘ Keep Smiling’. Ever since our inception, the R&RA has campaigned for improved dental care in care homes for […] Read More...

Referendum aftermath

24 June 2016 The outcome of the EU referendum may well present new challenges for relatives and residents, as well as for all current and potential users of care services. If, as widely predicted, some kind of economic recession follows this result, it will be necessary, more than ever, to protect our fragile and inadequately […] Read More...

R&RA challenges proposed reductions in care home inspections

we need more not less CQC’s ‘Shaping the Future’ consultation document implies that they plan to carry out a reduced number of inspections of care homes.  R&RA consider that these ‘proposals’ could be disastrous for older people in care homes. We have previously voiced our concerns at the current unsatisfactory scheduling of inspections where CQC […] Read More...

Keys to Care highly rated

The independent evaluation by the University of Worcester’s Association for Dementia Studies of the Keys to Care resource gives it top marks. The report highlighted its popularity with care workers, its flexibility and its uniqueness.  Care workers said the Keys helped them feel more confident and would recommend them. Read for yourself here Read More...

Eviction of older people from hospitals

Judy Downey, R&RA Chair on LBC today on the impossible dilemma of hospitals ‘evicting’ older patients who have nowhere to go. Desperate relatives call our Helpline not knowing where to turn or what to do. Central government still seems impervious to the pressures cuts have placed on local authorities and local services. Too many people […] Read More...

Not another ‘new’ methodology

The Graham home, highlighted on Monday’s BBC South’s ‘Inside Out’ investigation, is a powerful argument against the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) newest approach to reduced inspection. Judy Downey, R&RA Chair was interviewed about the CQC’s report on Hailsham House in East Sussex. Listen to the programme here Peter Wyman, the new Chair of the CQC, […] Read More...


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