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Panorama – #CareInCrisis – again!

6th June 2019 Wednesday’s Panorama – and the one last week – yet again highlighted some of the gravest problems being faced today by adults needing care. 

This was illustrated clearly by Rita who has Parkinson’s disease and needs a lot of help. For a long time, she was cared for at home by her family and because of the severity of her condition, the NHS paid for all her care needs under Continuing Health Care.  But when she seemed to improve, her funding was withdrawn and she was faced with paying for her care home. 

Panorama has reminded us that people who need care are people like us

Her story illustrates perfectly what is wrong with the current system.  Rita has complex health needs which allow two systems to argue about who is responsible for paying for her care.  If her needs are defined as ‘health related’ in the jargon, the NHS picks up the bill for all her care.  But it they are defined as ‘social’, whatever that meansshe must pay for her own care drawing on money from the sale of her home.  

The result of this is that throughout the country people are being unfairly taxed for having a life limiting illness or condition, whereas if they had a condition defined as ‘health’ their care would be free.  

Judy Downey, R&RA Chair said; 

“Panorama has reminded us that people who need care are people like us.  They and we need skilled care, which meets our needs regardless of how it is described.  It means people with a range of physical illnesses and disabilities are locked out of our alleged ‘cradle to grave’ NHS and become subject to the vagaries of costcutting and bizarre definitions.  Let’s hope that at last the Government will get the message…” 

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