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Residents to be reunited with essential caregivers

22 February:

R&RA welcomes the Prime Minister’s commitment today to reconnect residents with essential caregivers from 8 March as part of the roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions. After a year of isolation, this is urgently needed to reinstate the vital support family/friends provide and protect older people’s wellbeing and rights. Our helpline hears daily from families desperate to be allowed back in to provide crucial support, including help with eating and relieving the distress of dementia. We are pleased the Government has listened to the voices of older people and their families.


R&RA first called for a strategy from Government for unlocking care homes in June 2020, saying as a priority it should reconnect residents with family/friends providing crucial practical or emotional support to prevent deterioration in health. The roadmap published today now recognises that without this kind of support resident’s health “may be in danger of deteriorating very rapidly”. Sadly, this recognition comes too late for the older people who have deteriorated and passed away during a year of isolation, and for their families who had been pleading to be given this access.


R&RA has been campaigning to End Isolation In Care and wrote to the Prime Minister calling for residents to be reunited with their essential caregivers by 1 March. The commitment in the roadmap is the first step towards making this happen and we will continue to campaign until this is in place for residents. The Government must now act with urgency to ensure this promise becomes a reality for older people by making these proposals mandatory.

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