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R&RA challenges proposed reductions in care home inspections

we need more not less

CQC’s ‘Shaping the Future’ consultation document implies that they plan to carry out a reduced number of inspections of care homes.  R&RA consider that these ‘proposals’ could be disastrous for older people in care homes.

We have previously voiced our concerns at the current unsatisfactory scheduling of inspections where CQC can take two years or more to inspect a home.  There is no room for complacency with just 1% of care homes rated as ‘outstanding’ and 40% rated as ‘requiring improvement’ or ‘inadequate’, we need more not less rigorous monitoring by inspectors to encourage higher standards for residents.

Sadly, many older people are likely to be in homes without ever having their care inspected or poor care being detected.  Reducing inspections further will put many people at greater risk at a time when older people in care are older and frailer than ever.

Judy Downey, Chair of R&RA, said:

imageCare homes for older people are very different from other services inspected by CQC.  People in care homes are often more isolated, more dependent and often totally reliant on those that care for them.  They rarely return home.  We need better and more frequent inspections to ensure older people receive good, high quality and safe care at the end of their lives.”

See R&RA’s Response to CQC’s ‘Shaping the Future’ consultation here …

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