Relatives & Residents Association

We support, inform and speak on behalf of older people in care


What We Do

The Relatives & Residents Association champions the rights of older people needing care in England. We provide information, advice and support to empower older people and their families/friends, and use their unique perspective to raise awareness and to influence policy and practice.

The change we want to see:

  • For older people needing care, and those who support them, to be well informed about their rights and entitlements and empowered to speak up about poor quality care
  • For older people to receive high quality care which respects their rights
  • For older people to receive the care they need from a system which is appropriately funded, staffed and valued
  • For more older people and their families/carers to be supported by a financially sustainable, efficient Relatives & Residents Association

Read more about these objectives and our work to help achieve them in our Strategic Plan 2020-23.


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If you approve of what we do and are able to contribute to the funding of the R&RA please consider making a donation or becoming an R&RA member to help us continue this vital work. Thank you!


We have no endowments or guaranteed funding so rely on the loyalty of our members and the support of our generous donors to continue our work.