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We support, inform and speak on behalf of older people in care


Who We Are

We are there for older people in or needing care and the relatives and friends who help them cope – or who cope on their behalf as care needs increase and abilities reduce.

Our focus is on improving the quality of life of those in or needing care, giving support and advice to their relatives and raising the standards of care they receive.

The numbers of our older people, especially those over 85 or disabled who are likely to have the most care needs, are all due to rise sharply over coming years (“State of Care 2015-16” report by the statutory care regulator the Care Quality Commission). So more of us than ever before will be coming into contact with the care system: whether for ourselves or as a relative or friend of someone else, who may well be fearful or confused.

We are often told by people who come to us how difficult it is to find any real help or knowledgeable advice.

So far as we know the R&RA is the only charity currently providing an independent, expert service of the kind we offer – ever more vital in a time when the future of adult social care is anything but settled and secure.

You can help. If you are interested in being a member of the R&RA or supporting its work in other ways such as volunteering or giving, please get in touch and we will always be delighted to hear from you.

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If you approve of what we stand for and are able to contribute to the funding of the R&RA please consider making a donation or becoming an R&RA member to help us continue this vital work. Thank you!

We have no endowments or guaranteed funding so rely on the loyalty of our members and the support of our generous donors to continue our work.


020 7359 8136

Open 9.30am-1pm Mon-Fri

We take the time to listen

Our Helpline advisers are real experts in the care field and happy to cope with referrals from other advice or befriending lines when more in-depth knowledge is needed.

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