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Corporate Membership

At the Relatives & Residents Association we believe that older people who need care should have a positive experience and enjoy a good quality of life. We want to see outstanding care delivered in services throughout England. Through our Corporate Membership scheme, we work in partnership with care services, encouraging provider organisations and individual homes to improve the care they deliver.

We know that even with the best management in place and a dedicated staff team, achieving the highest standards of care is not always a straightforward process. Having access to the right support and resources has never been more crucial.

Why join?

Becoming a Corporate Members will help you to:

  • Show that you care about excellence, sending a strong message to the CQC, residents and their families that you are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of care
  • Demonstrate to CQC that you listen to, and are responsive to, the views of users of your service and their families, helping you work towards improved ratings
  • Achieve a competitive advantage over your peers through association with a national, rights-based organisation with 20+ years’ experience of championing improved quality of care
  • Celebrate improvements in your care and work in partnership with us to promote best practice across the sector

What you will receive

Joining the Relatives & Residents Association (R&RA) as a Corporate Member, you will receive:

  • A ‘welcome pack’ including leaflets and materials to display in your service – our resources give practical advice for residents and relatives on care issues, as a direct and reassuring way for you to show a real commitment to good and open practice
  • Association with a national, well respected organisation championing quality care, influencing policy-makers and working in partnership with the CQC, via a member certificate and listing on the R&RA website.
  • Sector insights – gain access to our unique insight of the issues arising in care services, including case studies, and summaries of common themes and trends from the R&RA Helpline.
  • Assistance to promote positive action in engaging and empowering residents and relatives in the running and management of homes to help improve your ratings, including insights and tips on how other providers approach this
  • Access to a network of R&RA’s Corporate Members, sharing best practice and celebrating improvements via a quarterly member’s newsletter
  • Sector news and analysis – access to regular analysis and commentary on news and developments in social care
  • Discounts on R&RA’s widely acclaimed publications, aimed at improving standards of care and the quality of life of older people using care services

How to join

To join as a Corporate Member, please email us at for a membership form. Your membership fee will depend on the size of your organisation. For providers, the fee is based on the number of care homes you run:

Less than 10 homes: £300 per annum

11-50 homes: £600 per annum

50+ homes: £1000 per annum

For individual homes, the membership fee is £100.

R&RA’s independence

R&RA will always pursue the best interests of individual residents on any care issue raised with us, and it makes no difference to this whether any care home or provider involved is or has any connection with a corporate member or donor to R&RA. Acceptance onto the scheme is not an endorsement of the provider, or their service, by R&RA. Corporate Members are not entitled to vote at R&RA’s AGM.

On application, providers will be asked to sign a Corporate Members Memorandum of Understanding, which sets out our partnership, including protecting R&RA’s independence and handling any potential conflicts of interest which might arise.

For all corporate membership enquiries please call 020 7359 8148 or email us at


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