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New survey data: isolation continues

October 2022:

New data from a survey of over 650 families highlights how isolation in care is continuing to cause harm. The data shows many care homes are still experiencing COVID outbreaks and applying restrictions beyond what is required by Government guidance:

  • Almost 60% of respondents reported their loved one’s care home had been in lockdown since April this year
  • Only 24% of these homes followed Government guidance and allowed one visitor at a time during the outbreak period
  • 62% of these homes applied additional restrictions – over and above what is required by Government guidance during an outbreak. By far the most common was to allow only one named visitor per resident (32%)
  • 71% of the care homes implementing this ‘one named visitor’ rule told families they were following advice from local public health teams and/or the local authority
  • In 11% of outbreaks, residents were not allowed any visitors at all

The survey also found that some care homes are still implementing blanket visiting restrictions outside of outbreak situations, contrary to current guidance:

  • 45% of respondents said there were visiting restrictions in place despite there being no outbreak

The concerning results highlight how people living in care settings have been left behind – still living under harmful restrictions whilst the rest of the country is back to normal. For older people, facing the end of their lives separated from loved ones, the damage caused will be irreversible.

The survey was conducted by the Relatives & Residents Association and Rights For Residents.

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