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Yet another shocking survey

2nd December 2019: Last week, more than 90% of adult care directors expressed their despair at the current funding situation, according to The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services’ (ADASS) autumn survey*.  This revealed an additional £699 million of savings were planned for this year.

Directors are now saying that they:

  • lacked confidence about meeting their responsibilities” and had “concerns or insufficient capacity to manage winter related pressures”.
  • More than 8 in 10 (82%) of Directors say that they have no or partial confidence that they can deliver their statutory responsibilities regarding Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)/Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) and 76% for prevention and well-being.
  • Nearly all Directors (93%) say they have concerns or insufficient capacity to deal with the failure of another major care provider.
  • More than three quarters (76.6%) of Directors report there has been a significant increase in readmission to hospital (up 13% from 63.6% in 2018).

Julie Ogley, ADASS president said:

“Good care and support transforms lives. It enhances health and wellbeing, increases independence, choice and control. It is distinctive, valued, and personal.”

She added: “This is why, whoever forms the next government must make a choice and prioritise adult social care. Those of us who are not getting care and support, those who are not getting enough care, those who are giving up work to care for family members and those who are getting ill and ending up in hospital for want of care at home deserve the social care we know is possible and essential…The next government must give certainty about funding, longer-term reform and a long-term plan that puts fairness at the heart of everything”


And so say all of us at the R&RA.


*261121 Autumn Survey of Directors of Adult Social Services Report 2019 Final.pdf


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